All volunteers must complete the volunteer and background check form and attend the volunteer orientation before volunteering at any of our sites through the Human Resource Department.


  • Large groups, organizations, and agencies who would like to volunteer must have their contact person at the orientation.  All participants must fill out volunteer/background check forms.


There are some limitations on youth for volunteering, they are listed below.


  • Any youth under the age of 17 years old that have to volunteer for community service (court related)/service learning for school or a particular class, must provide written documentation provided by assigned court or school the reasons for volunteering/ community service and the number of hours they must complete. A parent or guardian must accompany their child at the orientation (child does not have to be present).  All court ordered participants will pay the $5 membership fee. 
  • Parents can not sign there child up to volunteer for the BGCM program if they are ages 11-12. These participants will be classified as paid for service members.
  • Youth ages 13-16 who do not have to complete community service learning hours can work as volunteers, and volunteer hours can not exceed no more than two days up to 4 hours a day.
  • Youth can not volunteer if they have account balances.
  • Youth can not volunteer for a program for which they are age eligible (meaning a youth can not be a volunteer for a middle school program if they are in middle school.
  • Volunteer hours must be tracked by Unit Directors in MTS for BGCM and volunteers are required to maintain their own hard copy record of volunteer hours.   


Please contact the Human Resources Department at 803.231.3355 if you are interested in volunteering with BGCM.

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