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Midlands Tech collaborates with Boys & Girls Club to create Be Great University



Midlands Technical College is helping the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands reduce employee turnover and better serve the children its staff members care for. The Boys & Girls Club organization provides childcare at more than 60 locations throughout the Midlands area and employs approximately 450 team members. By offering its staff specialized, online courses through MTC, the Boys & Girls Club built a budget-friendly professional development curriculum that gave its employees a way to grow within their positions and see working at the Boys and Girls Club as a long-term occupation.


“Parents send their children to our program because they feel comfortable leaving their children in the care of people they come to know and become familiar with,” said Carter Clark, President of the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands. “When the names and faces of counselors change due to turnover, it has a negative impact on the enrollment in our programs. We knew we had to do something.”


Midlands Technical College’s Corporate and Continuing Education programs support career development and provide continuous, life-long learning opportunities to develop skilled leaders. MTC’ Business Solutions Department assists customers looking to identify better ways to develop their employees, including on-site, custom designed corporate training and consulting programs like Be Great University.


Be Great University, designed jointly by Midlands Technical College and Boys & Girls Club, now helps Boys & Girls Club employees develop both personally and professionally. Courses include skills such as first aid, computer proficiency, budgeting, finance, and curricula design for children.


“They are in a wonderful position to have an employer who encourages their professional development,” said MTC President, Dr. Ronald L. Rhames. “By furthering their education and enhancing their skills, the staff there is becoming great role models for the young people they serve. They are helping to create the next generation of lifelong learners.”


Within three years, Be Great University helped reduce employee turnover at the Boys & Girls Club from 40 to 27 percent.


“That is a terrific testimonial that proves that education is meaningful,” said MTC President, Dr. Ronald L. Rhames. “It’s meaningful to the learners because it shows their employer cares about them and their future value to the Boys & Girls Club. It’s meaningful to the Boys & Girls Club because it is fulfilling organizational goals toward creating a group of loyal employees.”


Every Boys & Girls Club employee with at least 30 days on the job is eligible to participate in Be Great University. The Boys & Girls Club pays their tuition, employees select classes from different tracks and receive salary increases each time they complete a track.


“This was a way that we could not just build the talent of the team members we have, but it also gave them a reason to stay with Boys & Girls Club,” said Clark. “In implementing this plan we found a way to build our talent internally while improving retention by giving them reasons to stay around to develop themselves professionally.”


Because the classes are all online, the Boys & Girls Club learners can customize the training to fit their own schedules. Since its last Be Great University graduation, employee participation in Be Great University has increased by 50 percent.


“We are the only Boys & Girls Clubs in the country that has this kind of professional development program,” said Clark. “A big reason we have been so successful is we have a great partner in MTC that also believes in the importance of lifelong learning.”