Community Membership


Any child between the ages of 6 and 18 who lives within walking distance (3 mile radius) of a participating club can purchase a Community Membership, which allows access to their local Clubs for $5 per calendar year and access our programs as often as they like during regular operating hours (Mon - Fri 3:30 - 8:30 during the school year, and Mon - Fri 11 am- 6 pm during the summer). 


A Community Membership allows you to do the following:

  1. Sign in and out of the facility whenever they like during regular operating hours (parental permission is NOT required to ACCESS or LEAVE the program).
  2. *Participate in any scheduled activity at the Club at no additional fee.  This includes snacks and field trips.
  3. **Choose which programs they want to participate in.
  4.  Remain active in the Boys & Girls Clubs as long as they follow the Boys & Girls Clubs Member Expectations (listed below).


To be eligable for the Community Membership, parents must sign a release waiver allowing their child to leave whenever they like.  This program is currently only available at our Ben Arnold Club.


*Some programs/activities require pre-registration.  Community Membership participants are free to participate in these activities, but must sign up at the beginning of the program quarter and remain active throughout the quarter. Participation in field trips is a privilege earned by the member's behavior and/or participation in specific programs or activities. 

**All members must be engaged in constructive activities to remain at the Club, however members of the Drop In Program may choose which programs they participate in and are not required to participate in any specific program.


Member Expectations:

  • Follow Directions
  • Carry Your Club Card
  • Walk To Activities
  • Look After Your Belongings
  • Participate in Programs
  • Use Common Courtesy
  • Treat Property & Equipment With Respect